Monday, December 14, 2009

Help! (In the style of the Beatles, key of 'A')

All right, so maybe I don't always act my age... but you have my word I'm a 32-year-old. With two kids. And a job.

Now this doesn't sound all that terrible, does it? Except I'm a freelancer with (time-zone ignorant) clients scattered all over the bloody globe, and one of the kids is a preschooler.

Again, "what's the hangup, your ladyship"?

Well, you see... the local public kindergartens have a waiting list the size of St Peter's, and privately owned ones don't do 8-hour-shifts. As for the woman who helped me with my 3-year-old since the day he was born, a couple of months ago she moved... effin' SWEDEN, of all places!

Don't even contemplate asking. *headdesks*

I've done virtually all I could think of - cut down the working hours, switched to frozen meals, employed husband as a part-time maid, taken to listening to books instead of reading them, and even started talking to my cell phone instead of spending evenings in the delightful company of MS Word - but at the end of the day I still find myself a couple of hours short.

The sad truth is, Dags is getting old. She can't function on the average of four hours of sleep a day any more...

Take, for example, that last phone call with the parents - I wasn't snarky or abrasive in the least. I even agreed with my father at one point! *fully expects the world to end at any moment now* I'm telling you, folks... I'm losing it.

The next thing you know I'll start greeting the husband with 'How was your day, honey?' and the poor sod will get a cardiac arrest.

Then again, now that I think on it... That's not such a bad idea, after all.

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